International Shipping

Ok this is a bit long, but I promise it's worth it!

I realise that international shipping could be costly if you live outside of US, Canada or Europe. So I have set up another place for you to purchase the same product without the hefty shipping cost!

They are the same design, but the range and specific sizes could differ a little. Also unfortunately these guys' base product price is higher, the cost of it could be a little higher, but you will still save a ton from shipping. 

Here's an example if you live in Aus: (all in AUD)

Original: $25 (product) + $22.15 (worldwide shopping) = $47.15!! 😟

Through link below: $29 (product, price is slightly higher due to their base price) + $7.95 (shipping) = $36.95!! 😏

So you saved... $10.2!!! 🤩



Since there are many aspects within Redbubble I cannot control, sizing, product price of different sizes, I would love some feedback on this. I will try my best to battle this shipping problem with you all.